2nd Annual TAMPYDC Charity Golf Scramble Sponsored by: Faron McCubbins Concrete


 We would like to thank all our participating sponsors: GlenOaks Country Club, Panera, and Faron McCubbins Concrete


Mr. Andy Maupin

13 thoughts on “2nd Annual TAMPYDC Charity Golf Scramble Sponsored by: Faron McCubbins Concrete

  1. The Andy Maupin Portland Youth
    Development Center Day
    at Buckhead Mountain Grill
    in Jeffersonville, IN!
    WHEN: Tuesday, May 20
    20% of your check will be donated
    to the Andy Maupin Portland Youth Development Center!
    Tell your friends, family, fellow students and teachers to stop by Buckhead
    Mountain Grill on Tuesday, May 20th and they can help give back to the
    Portland Youth Development Center.
    Take the night off and enjoy great comfort food like steaks, ribs, pot pie and
    more! There is nothing more comforting than the classics
    at Buckhead Mountain Grill!
    *Bring This Flyer And Present It To Your Server.
    Hand out copies to family and friends to join us as well!
    *Only One Flyer Per Table Needed in order
    for your group to receive the credit. Lunch and Dinner
    Flyers are not to be distributed on property.
    707 West Riverside Drive
    Jeffersonville, IN

  2. I would be interested to know who sits on your board and what kind of plan you have for the center including program planning, outcomes you wish to see, services you plan to offer and what organizations you plan to partner with to meet your goals. I have recently completed a community assessment of Portland and would love to see this center succeed but know many barriers stand in the way. I would love to see your plan and offer any advice or suggestions given my background in community development.

    • Paulie,

      Thank you very much for sharing our link on your page. We really appreciate your support! I’m sorry I have been delayed in responding back to you. It is people like yourself and the citizens of this great city that will help us reach our goal of providing this much need resource for our youth.

    • Thank you Mr. Paul Sykes! All of us here at TAMPYDC appreciate all the wonderful support you continue to give us and our organization. It’s people like you that help us serve our wonderful community!

  3. Hello Everyone,

    The Andy Maupin Portland Youth Development Center would like to thank Mr. Erwin A. Sherman for his generous donation of $100.00.

    If you or anyone you know would like to contribute to The Andy Maupin Portland Youth Development Center Inc. , you may do so at http://www.theandycenter.com or you can mail checks and money orders to:

    The Andy Maupin Portland Youth Development Center (TAMPYDC)
    6827 Fenway Road
    Louisville, KY. 40258

    Please remember your contributions are tax deductible.

  4. This Organization would provide a historic neighborhood with a tremendous resource for its children. Growing up in the Boys Club system, it helped me learn to relate to others, especially with children with different cultural backgrounds. In today’s society, our children are exposed to a plethora of social dynamics in and out of a classroom environment, so being able to socialize with their peers in more relaxed but structured forum would help many adapt in school quicker. The Andy Maupin Portland Youth Development Center would also assist children that needed the extra educational instruction through after school tutoring, as well as providing them with exposer to cultural arts which is a growing aspect in many school districts, especially with JCPS. In my opinion, this is a no brainer, you have an organization that is truly committed to not only its neighborhood of Portland but the entire city of Louisville. The civic and business leaders of Louisville should jump at the opportunity to capitalize on the interest and passion of this organization. Let’s come together and do the right thing for our city and our children!

  5. Everyone in the city and especially in Portland needs to remember this neighborhoods roots. There is no question that Portland needs economic investment. It also needs to use existing buildings for organizations both as community resources for its residents as well as new businesses and residences. The old Portland Boys and Girls Club building has set empty over the last two years while the children of Portland have been abandoned. They have no safe haven in which they can go after school and take part in structured activities while receiving educational and social support that many do not get at home! The city leaders as well as investors like Gill Holland should make sure they consider preserving this specific location for the neighborhood’s needs and not just another business opportunity. Residents need to realize people are wanting to invest in Portland because they know they can make money. They aren’t investing 22 million dollars just because they want to save a historic neighborhood! The Andy Maupin Portland Youth Development Center is a group of local Portland folks that want to make sure the neighborhood’s needs are going to be met by providing the children of Portland a safe an educational place to learn and grow. Make sure you help them preserve this Landmark. Go to theandcenter.com to learn more and support this wonderful charity.

  6. I am proud to call and a brother! Knowing Andy all my life and growing up with him, I was able to witness first hand his ambition, desire, and dedication for his Portland Community. Andy’s entire life revolved around his devotion to the children of Portland! It is my hope and desire to make Andy’s dream come to fruition. I am and will continue to be a driving force behind The Andy Maupin Portland Youth Development Center, Inc. along with many other passionate and hard working individuals. Andy has inspired not only individuals but an entire community and it’s time we collectively began to take what Andy started and build on it so we can provide the youth of Portland and the city of Louisville with the much needed safe haven they need to learn and grown into the talented men and women we know they can be!
    I hope each person who visits this site takes time to read and learn about Andy Maupin and what he has meant to his community, and decides to help carry on his legacy by making a donation to ensure that his dream becomes a reality!
    I will never forget my brother! I love and miss you and will carry you with me each day as I work to carry on your legacy!

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